How do I know if I set up Firewall correctly?


I downloaded firewall a few weeks ago, and set it up (I found instructions online somewhere.) I tried to read the FAQ on Firewall but the links were invalid. How do I know if Firewall is working correctly? I also have the windows firewall on the same time (I’m too scared to turn if off, but I’m not 100 sure if CF is working.)

If I have 2 firewalls on at the same time, is it bad?

BTW I have Vista.


I have a shield with read and green arrow going the opposite directions (the comodo icon) in my status bar. Does this mean its working or set up correctly?

If it is CIS 3.9 you can safely turn off windows firewall. It is advisable to do so.

One of the safest option for a normal user is select Stealth Ports

CIS>Firewall>Common Tasks>Stealth Ports vizard - select third option - click finish

To check whether it is working or not, Open CIS>Summary

under network defense if you are seeing message ‘Firewall has blocked xx intrusion attempts’ it is working. By clicking that number you can see who are trying to intrude!

Hope this helps

Turn off Windows firewall and do some tests here. If you’re green and have a Passed stamp you’re OK. :slight_smile:

Hi audreycharlize

I understand your concern. If you would feel more secure, please feel free to post details of your configuration here and we can take a look.

Where do I go on the link you gave me? Until what goes green?

Sorry if I sound dumb.


Thank you. Should I have it in safemode?


Click Proceed on that page then do those 2 tests from picture in attachment.

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Are you behind a router? If you are then the Shields Up test probes your router and not your Firewall.