How do I keep certain cookies in Comodo System Cleaner??


I have searched through the boards looking for how not to remove certain cookies that I need to keep on my computer. I have just started to use the Comodo System Cleaner and think its great, but can someone tell me how to keep certain cookies, or do they all have to go each time?


I would also like a reply to this question… Most cleaners allow you to block certain cookies from being cleaned…

I know this may not be exactly the solution you were hoping for, but before you actually ‘clean’ the findings, click the ‘+’ in front of your browser name. this will expand the list to what will be cleaned (everything checked by default). If you scroll down (or drag the scroll bar with your mouse), you will come across the list of cookies that will be cleaned. just uncheck the ones you wish to keep.
maybe you could add an alternative solution to the wishlist?


When I did what you suggested, all it gave me was the location of the cookies, not the cookies themselves?

I ran the program and found the sub menu for cookies expanded by default. It showed the location and the cookie. By unchecking the box next to specific cookies, it did not remove them from my system. This is the description I gave above. It should work for you also.
Maybe in the next release of this program Comodo could include a description for each cookie available by hovering the mouse over each one.

Thanks for the quick reply. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. When I open up the cleaner, I went to clen up, then privacy cleaner. When I hit scan, it gives me my browser (firefox) When I click on the browser, it opens up to show stuff in the cache, then further down “Cookies”. When I expand this, it only shows me where the cookies are kept in Firefox, and not the individual cookies. Am I looking in the wrong area?

thanks for your help.

‘Analyze my Privacy’ is where I found them.