How do I get rid of the Anti-Virus and geekbuddy?

I have used Comodo free so many times. Till this day, I saw premium and looked so many times if I downloaded the right version.

I installed and got the Anti-Virus and geekbuddy. The things I don’t want or need.
So how do I get rid of them? I can’t find any configuration to deactivate the Anti-Virus.

I didn’t see any custom settings when I started the installation. I really like the older version more.
With custom settings. This is just install and ignore everything else…

Hi Pooned,
Go to Add/Remove programs, you should find a entry to remove GB.
Also find Comodo internet security, click uninstall/change and this will take you to a window where you can untick the AV component.

Thanks. I still miss the custom option. I hope they will add it again.

The custom option is still there, it is just not so prominent see screenshot.

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Similar problem, but I need AV without GB

As Captainsticks mentioned, GeekBuddy can be uninstalled like any other Windows application. Go to Add/Remove Programs and scroll down until you see GeekBuddy. Then uninstall it.

There isn no GeekBuddy in Add/Remove Programs

What makes you think that GeekBuddy is on your computer? I know that CIS offers the GeekBuddy service in some of it’s messages, but that if you select to allow them to fix it GeekBuddy would be installed.

Is this what you’re seeing?

Every time AV thinks that there is a virus the GeekBuddy popup pops up.
Though I checked the box ‘Dont show tis again’ after reboot it does the same again.
It’s very annoying and I’m thinking about change my AV because of that.

Can you please post a screenshot of this GeekBuddy popup?

That’s not how it is supposed to work.

Is this a first time installation of CIS?

I have been used CIS in one of my computers for 1.5 years now and I’ve found GeekBuddy very annoying.

Now it behaves a little different way:

  • Asks wether I want to remove malware
  • If ‘Yes’
  • Would you like to send it … /somewhere/
  • If ‘Yes’
    – Do you want to install GeekBuddy

WTF … why should I deal so much with deleteing some f…ing viruses (I tested with my own testing malware)

So my decision is to change to Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials

The GeekBuddy popup will appear when malware is encountered for the first time, regardless of whether GeekBuddy is installed. However, there is the option to not see that message again. Did you select that option?

Or is your problem actually with GeekBuddy? If so then you can just uninstall the GeekBuddy program, which is separate from CIS, and choose not to renew once your subscription runs out.