How Do I Get Important Data Out of VTRoot?

I just spent a full day of work capturing video. When it came time to export the captures I couldn’t find anything in the RAID array which was intended for them…and my 1 TB SSD hard drive was completely full although I couldn’t find any folders with more than a gigabyte or so of data. I downloaded and installed WinDirStats, and that’s when I found that my files…all 850 GB of them…are in a hidden folder called “VT Root”, which belongs to Comodo.

I’ve seen elsewhere how to erase everything in the VT root folder, but I certainly don’t want to erase it…I need to get this data out of there and onto the drives on which it belongs! I received absolutely no help from support; I logged in to the chat, got the “what’s your name” message…then nothing for 30 minutes before I closed the chat window. Perhaps someone here has encountered this problem before…I would appreciate some assistance!

Same way you move files from other folders, just go into the VTRoot folder and move the files that you want to a different location.