How do I get an unistall program out of sandbox?

I have Comodo firewall installed on my Sony Vaio running windowsXP. I downloaded a trial version of Spyware Doctor to try out. Then I went to uninstall Spyware Doctor - and when that procedure began, Comodo took Spyware’s “unis000.exe” and put it in Comodo’s “sandbox”. Now, I can’t find a way to get that uninstall program free from Comodo, so Spyware Doctor is stuck open and therefore, I can’t access any of the Windows XP programs (control panel, any programs, NOTHING) and cannot shut the computer down. I can sort of shut the computer down using the manual button, but it’s really not shut down. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi. (:WAV)
Open up comodo firewall, go to defence+ settings and click on unrecognised files. Click on the file and click move to then click trusted files.
This is not the right section BTW.

And maybe desable the sandbox before continuing or relaunching the uninstall process.

These are the reasons I dont recommend CIS to average users. Things like this & sometimes the average users themselves sandbox the uninstall when they get unlimited rights popup recommending to sandbox & the uninstall is corrupted & sometimes like this probs with the system.


Thanks for the reply! I am in a bit of a panic so please try to bear with me. There is noiw nothing in the sandbox - I checked it and it was empty. However, Windows 7 is still locked up - the blue circle just keeps spinning and I cannot access anything in the startup menu. I have been able to view Comodo’s active process list and I see a long list of apps running. They are all marked trusted and the sandbox column is filled with the term “disabled”. I have right clicked and terminated all the “PC TOOLS” items. What else should I do to fix this mess? Thanks in adavnce for any ideas.

Hi gregor77, relax your computer is not broken.

  1. right clic comodo tray icon, point to Sanbox Security Level, clic on desabled. The sandbos is now unactive.

  2. go to Defense+ > Unrecogniezd Files. Normally your disinstaller should be there. If yes, clic on it, then on the meve to button, then Trusted Files.

  3. push on the 3 following keys simultanously ctrl, alt, delete. It’ll open the Windows task manager. Clic on the above left tab (tasks not the processes), select all the tasks mentionned in the window and clic on the below left tab (end of task). Hopefully, it’ll unlock your computer.

Well, if your computer won’t unlock, the do a manuel reboot. As the uninstaller has been simply sandboxed it shouldn’t be corrupted. So relaunch it.

Tell us if everything is back to normal.


Thanks for your reply Boris. Unfortunately I terminated one of the Windows XP items, it was the folder that had all the task manager items that were listed as running. Disaster ensued - my blue Windows XP window disappeared and the entire screen went black with only the cursor remaining. I’ve tried manually rebooting, inserting a CD (nothing appeared), and using the CTRL ALT Delete combination. The screen remains black. A blue rotating windows circle appears on a regular basis every few minutes and spins around mockingly for a few seconds. That’s it! I’m on another machine at the moment, so if anyone has any idea on what the hell has happened, I’m interested hearing your ideas. If I could get the Windows XP operating system back up, I could clear this right up I’m sure. Thanks.

I have solved all my miserable problems. This is what i did:


Then I started up in safe mode and was able to restore my computer to a few days before i downloaded all the apps that caused this hair raising debacle. I hope this will help someone else in the future. I won’t have to get a divorce now. :slight_smile:

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums Gregor!

I am happy to see that you manage to solve your problem and here is my tip how you can prevent and how you can return to a safe computer.

Try Comodo time machine 2.9 beta; it’s stable and you will be to come to a state when your computer worked.

after you have installed CTM go to settings → Program settings and uncheck all options.

Valentin N

Sorry to hear gregor77 that you had to go the hard way. But well finally you managed quite well.