How do I find the PKCS12 certificate.

I followed the Comodo support instructions the best I could for Mozilla Thunderbird. Except I’m running into a little trouble locating the PKCS12 certificate in Windows 7. Which folder is the this pfx file located under?


You should order and install your Personal Comodo certificate.
You can run CSE Sign-Up Wizard for this or request it via Comodo Website.

Regards, Eugene.


I am also finding it really difficult to install my free email certificate in to Thunderbird 3.1 on Windows 7.

The link that Comodo have sent me does not contain a downloadable file and yet this is what Thunderbird requires to import the certificate.

It simply is not picking up any auto-installed certificate from my certificate store locally.

Please advise.

same problem for me.
Vista with Thunderbird as admin.

Where is the certificate?

Is there an option to get the certificate another different way as file?

I am having the same problem. Ordered the free cert. Got the email. Clicked on link in email. Went to website. Says the certificate is installed. But I can’t find it anywhere. I am using Windows7 Home Premium. I am disappointed that this thread was not answered. The advice given in the second post was totally off topic.

If anyone sees this and responds, thanks in advance.

Your cert (by default) is installed in your browser (Firefox, IE, etc) not your email client. I use Firefox so I will give instructions for that:

Open browser and got to Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Encryption and click on “View Certificates”
Highlight your certificate and press “Backup”, a window will open, put a name in for the file, it will automatically save it as a PKCS12 file with the extension .p12

Now open Thunderbird and go to Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Certificates and click “View Certificates”
Click the “Your Certificates” tab then “Import”. Now find the .p12 file you made, and import it.

Next set up your email account (ie:
In Thunderbird click Edit>Account Settings and select your email account then click “Security”
Under security there are two sections “Digital Signing” and “Encryption”, for each of them click “Select” and choose your certificate. Click “OK” to finish.

You are now ready to Sign and/or Encrypt you emails.

Hope this Helps…

I appreciate the reply. I followed your instructions, however the cert is not in Firefox. I turned off my firewall and went through the retrieval process again using Firefox. A window popped up and said that “Your certificate has been successfully installed.” But it is not in FireFox and it is not in IE. Still need help. Thanks!

Are you sure it’s not in Firefox? Firefox doesn’t lie. If it tells you it is installed successfully, it is there. LongRider left out ONE key item when writing up his instructions. It will be in the ‘Your Certificates’ tab, not the first tab of the Firefox Certificate Manager that you come to.

Some Comodo Knowledgebase Articles on the matter:
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