How do I determine the status of my ticket? [Resolved]

Dear TrustFax,
How do I determine the status of my ticket? I didn’t receive an acknowledgment that I submitted a ticket, so I don’t have a tracking number and I can’t find any instructions about tracking a ticket. Naturally, if I made a typo in my e-mail address, then I would never receive an acknowledgment.
Thank you.


Did you submit your ticket thru Comodo Support?

If so, log back in, and click on “View Tickets.” The third column will show Status. By clicking on the ticket title, you will open that ticket, can read any replies, and also reply there as well.

Oftentimes, Comodo’s email will be caught by spamfilters and redirected; if you use online email, you might check your junkmail/spam box.


PS: Realizing you probably went thru Trustfax support instead of the main Comodo Support page, the process should nonetheless be the same.

Dear Little Mac,
I went in through the TrustFax support page, not the Comodo support page. The TrustFax support page doesn’t have a login on it, and doesn’t have anything that mentions registering before submitting a ticket (unlike the Comodo page, which does). I just submitted a ticket.
I just now went to the Comodo support page, and it won’t let me log in with either my TrustFax password or my Forums password. It also wouldn’t let me register, because it says my e-mail address is already being used.
So I told it that I forgot my password, and it sent me the password that they generated when they opened an account on my behalf in order to log my ticket.
That solved my problem. I can now see my ticket status.

Okay, glad you were able to tinker around with that and, uh, “beat” the system. :slight_smile:

Hopefully that will help you get your issue resolved.


PS: I’ll mark this topic as resolved and close it. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to do that for you.