How do I deal with My Pending Files

Each time I install new programs, even though I trigger the “installtion mode” of Comodo, I get a ton of entries in My Pending Files. Most of them are either .tmp files or files residing in the Temp folder. These I can readily remove. However, there are many, many files which are tied to installed applications ( and I do mean many) which I do not know if I should remove them or tag them as “add to my safe files”…a tedious process if I have to tag each line before clicking on the appropriate button.
Any ideas on what to do?
Any help is welcome.


Hi mariod,welcome to the forums,

The pending files thing can sometimes be a bit difficult to get your head round,some people like it some dont(bit like marmite ;D).Anyway if you dont wont to have to deal with pending files you can move Defence+ into “Safe Mode” where no pending files will be accumalated.
If you prefer to stay in “Clean pc” mode the way to approach pending files is to first select the “Purge” button.This removes any files not still relevant from the list(it does not remove them from your computer)
The next thing is to try the “Look up” this will cross-referance the files with Comodo`s data base of known safe files(The whitelist)
Any left you can submit for analysis so they can be added or if you recognise them and know there allright you can select them and click “Remove”(again this does not remove them from your computer,just the pending list)

Hope this helps a bit,

Thanks Matty_R just what I needed!

Will go to My Pending Files and paly around per your suggestion.

Once again, Thanks!


If you prefer to stay in "Clean pc" mode the way to approach pending files is to first select the "Purge" button.This removes any files not still relevant from the list
Hi Matty excuse me jumping in. I had 800 files pending, purged 600 but the others won't purge and give message 'all entries are valid'. They are updates for windows and other security programs. So can I leave the 200 pending and move to the mode where i won't get the files pending message? Thanks

Hi david

If you know they are safe which windows update files should be, you can check them all and remove them from the list. They are then considered as safe files. Or you can leave them alone if you wish and just move into safe mode where you will not get any more pending files. I usually leave the pending files for a couple of days and then remove them unless the lookup flags them as safe, as then they are moved to the safelist automatically.

Quote from the help files.

“My Pending Files” is specifically important while Defense+ is in 'Clean PC Mode'. In Clean PC Mode, the files in 'My Pending Files' are NOT considered clean.


Thanks John. Some pending are updates to security progs as i said. Have they been installed or will purging cause them not to be installed?

All my 150 pending files are unknown in COMODO database. Huh, I sended it, and I hope they will check everything and soon it will appear in.

Hello, I’m new as well.

I recently installed Comodo and was in Safe Mode. I didn’t tamper with it too much. Everything was running smoothly but I noticed earlier this evening that I had over 3500 pending files. This was alarming. I purged many and it went down to 1500. But, when I tried to look up, Comodo became unresponsive. I tried to close the application in WTM but that failed. My only resort was to restart. I tried “look up” twice again and the same thing happened. I didn’t want to have to go through line by line, I would have wrinkles by the time I finished so I scrolled through them and realized they were all trusted applications so I removed them all.

My question is why did I have pending files accumulating when I had been in Safe Mode (and currently am) for at least a few days? I’m using Version 3.5.57173.439 and if it’s relevant, I’m running Vista Ultimate. Thanks for the helpful tips. I can breathe easier now.

If they are windows security updates then they have been installed already. It will be safe to purge them. It will be safe to remove them as well.

It sometimes takes a long time for them to be added to the database. If you know they are safe just remove them.

Welcome to the forum Kayla

Pending files accumulate when you install programs or update them. When there are that many it causes problems with the lookup so you did the right thing by removing them, as long as you are sure that you trust the updates or applications. It is a good idea to check them often and keep them lower than two or three hundred, even that gets too awkward to look through and remove the safe ones. For more information on the pending files check the help files it has a lot of good info.


Thanks for replying. I did read about pending files in the User Guide, it was confusing.

I’ve been having similar problems and have followed this thread.

(:HUG) Thanks for all the tips, I have just reduced a list of 600+ down to 2.

(:SAD) What would have helped here though is the ability to block select files before removing. I noticed that a lot of files resided in my AVG anti virus directory. I had to select each file by hand (I managed to find repeating cursor and spacebar useful). The whole process would have been easier though if I could have selected a block of files using the shift key and then checked the selected files. This is fairly standard on a checked list box.

(J) So if any Comodo developers read this, can I make this a suggestion for the next release.