How do I confirm that a site is REALLY using Comodo for SSL

I have come across a site that is offering software for incredibly cheap prices,

They seem to be linked to an educational site

They are not searchable in the standard engines.

I want to confirm that they are a real site and not PHISHING.

They have a Comodo SSL verification on their payment info screen which is not ‘https’.
I have installed the Comodo verifcation tool and when @I hover over the icon it says click to verify but nothing happens.

See attachment for more details.



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Hi, I believe I’d pass.No https in the address bar or closed lock and expect someone to put credit card info in these areas. You’re right nothing happens when you click the Comodo thingie.
They did have a good price on autocad 2007 though. :THNK

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Thanks for the input.

My quess is ‘phishing’ it just LOOKS to good to be true.

Is there a way to report them to Comodo?

I have looked through the FAQ but can’t find a ‘report fraud’ area.


I would wait until someone from Comodo say that it’s secure…

It’s easy to just copy and paste the image, but it really should give you some info…
It should also give you a green border around your browser.

I do not know/think Comodo are aware that the site is using their logo.

I want to see how I can report the site directly to Comodo.


Actually I don’t know… 88)

You can send Melih a PM though.

It seems to be gone now…
I didn’t see the corner trust logo…

It seems a fraud site to me. Just check their conditions. They say that you cannot register the software with the manufacturer :o 88)

ps. From page To protect your privacy, information is submitted using Verisign SSL 128bit encryption

From page SSL v3 Secured
SSL v3 (COMODO) Secured professional billing/order processing

but none of the pages are https

Thanks for that. I had read the terms and conditions, something I wouldn’t bother doing generally, but had read term 2.3 as you CAN register the software.
I think I skimmed the sentence as it said at the end that all updates are available.

Thanks for your time.

You are welcome :■■■■

Tx - we’ll investigate further.

Thank you.

My gut tells me that they are a PHISHING site or worse.

However, I would be interested if you get information that says they are on the level.

One other quesiton of personal interest.
Is there a worlwide or regional body that you (i.e. an individual such as myself) can report suspicious sites to?

Thank you.
Jon is probably the best place (along with the CA that issued the SSL, if available).