How do I cancel my Trustfax account?

I am in the trial period right now and I want to cancel, but don’t see how to do so. Can someone please tell me how to cancel my Trustfax account.



Trustfax has an online cancellation available when logged into your trustfax account. Go to account info - billing to find the cancel account link. Trustfax will ask the reason for the cancellation and allow you to cancel the account. You receive a confirmation email and the account is canceled within the hour.
If you need assistance, you can send and email to to login to your account.
The cancel@trustfax is also available method to cancel the account and the account is usually canceled within 24 hours.

Your can cancel your trustfax account by sending an email to cancel [ at ] with your trustfax username or fax number.
The account is canceled the day the email is received and you will receive a confirmation email that the account is canceled.