How could an infected PC get clean bill of health with CCS?

Could an infected computer get a clean bill of health with CCS?

Has anyone have an example of that?

Because of Cloud scanning, CIMA connection and ability to expose hidden processes could an uknown process hide from CCS? If yes how? We would love to improve.

thank you



Is it not still possible for a piece of malware to be undetected by Comodo definitions and also not found suspicious by CIMA?

I do agree it’s much less likely, but isn’t it still possible?

I think eventually it will happen. But when and by what malware? I couldn’t tell.

Sure, but CCS will always raise the unknown files as an issue. So unless everything is trusted then PC doesn’t get a clean bill of health


Does that mean that every time you run a scan all unknown files are uploaded to Comodo for analysis?

If I understand CCS right, when a file is undetected, it will be scanned by CIMA and that will determine if it’s legit or malicious right ?


yes.however there could be some files that CIMA might return as still unknown…



but what happens when CIMA says it’s legit and the file actually isn’t ? Then CCS would also count it as a legit app and so will be missed. Right ?


CIMA is not a whitelisting engine, its a blacklisting engine…which means CIMA at best will say I analysed this file and didn’t find it to be malware…but doesn’t mean that its safe…A file not malware does not equal a safe file. So it will stay as unknown file…


Would Comodo Cloud Scanner still be able to detect an active process if there is a rootkit active on the system?