How comodo saved my bacon.

I wanted to tell you guys on how comodo managed to save my ■■■■. As some of you know I do a lot of malware research and I mess with a lot of different programs. Well yesterday I was opening a zip file and taking applications out and drooping to another folder. Well something happened and I must have accidentally clicked an app I had already taken out and it ran. :o I got no “Run” dialog from windows or anything. I instantly noticed it but comodo saw it faster. The sandbox popped up and then the buffer over flow popped up. I terminated the process and all was fine. I ran scans with my ondemand scanners to make sure nothing had been changed or had been dropped but everything was clean. So this goes to show you what I mean with zero day protection. The pieced of malware was only detected by 4 av companies yesterday when it happened, so I would have been up ■■■■ creek without a paddle.

great to know… Thanks Languy!!!

Thank you Languy!

No Melih, with all respect to languy’s work we thank you for CIS. And I mean it, it’s a fine piece of security software. And I know that it will be better in time. :slight_smile:

PS. I know it looks like a kiss in the ■■■■ but really I’m impressed how CIS reacts at 0 day threats.

LMAO ya ■■■■ kisser…

Thank you Burebista for recognising the amazing work that Comodo does to secure end users, your appreciation is well received by our team.

thank you


Thanks for this report. It is a beautiful example.:-TU

no problem guys becasue I play with some much new malware I would not trust my computer to anything else.

I think it’s a very good example of the real value of CIS and result of the Comodo work team. :-TU

PS: Is an equally good example for those who say that Comodo is bypassed by malware but without evidence …

Comodo is an excellent program at protecting against the vast majority (if not all) of real-world malware. Those who say otherwise simply either do not understand how the program works or they are just trolling (for various reasons including “anti-competition tactics”). It is simply amazing that Comodo has such a quality and comprehensive piece of software available for free!

Personally, if I were still using Comodo, I would certainly configure it to be default-deny as an anti-execution mechanism of protection. This way, eg. the worry of accidentally executing a malicious file does not exist! Programs/files would only be executed on my REAL system if I trusted them. All others would be handled in a VM (just like languy99 demonstrates so well in his videos).

With the Comodo Sandbox plus Buffer Overflow it added up to instantaneous zero nanosecond protection against the Malware that had been accidentally released on your computer!



I hope that malware wasn’t from one of my collections…

actually yes it was. :smiley: no problems here though. don’t worry. 8)

no problems here though. don't worry.
Now I feel better again :■■■■

languy99, is your PM system working? Also, any chance someone could PM me malware samples too?