How COMODO AV compares to other free AVs

One of the best feautes in CIS is that its free ;D. But how does it fare to other free AVs?

What I’m mostly interested in is in their database size, detection rates, and how much false positives they show.

I know that paid versions offer a better service, but if someone needs a temporary solution, which might be the best option. Also, I need the install the AV on clients computers so user-friendlyness is also a good idea.


Use “search” before asking.

I did see that thread but I’m specifically interested on the free versions, as most testing has been done on paid versions of Anti-Viruses.

Avira Free and paid have the same detection rate. Avast free and paid have the same detection rates. What else do you need to know.

Features for example, Avira free and paid are not the same. The free version did give me more false positives than the paid version. I have not tested most products to be honest.

Well that’s next to nearly impossible. The only difference between paid and free is the web scanner. Other then that Avira Free and paid are the same. I clean out infected pc so I should know this. I have used just about every av out there. Avira Free and paid always have the same amount of fp’s. Avira 9 I am speaking of.

Then on the Virus scanning side, its safe to assume that a system that has a free av is still well protected as a paid versoin, and detection rates from tests apply to any version of an AV.

Thank you very much.


The same can’t be said for dedicated anti-malware applications, though. Some of the free versions can detect but cannot remove.

Ewen :slight_smile: