How CFP 3 Beta Works (NOT for Bug Reports) [Closed]

Are you agree with this new topic??


I have installed CFP 3.0 Beta!




It seems to be extremely powerful, but I thought the Defense+ was too noisy. Also, it didn’t seem to remember my rules. Finally, the outbound protection was… disabled?! CPF never asked me. So I’ve gone back to the good old 2.4 now.

I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic release when it’s ready. :slight_smile:


I have changed the firewall security protection to “custom”. Then you have the outbound protection.


Yes, indeed, a very powerful protection. I think its HIPS makes all other HIPS look like crap from the 80s.
Got BSoD after reboot, so I’ll try it tomorrow when I got some time, until then I’ll survive without any firewall, since no port scan will work on me :wink:


The only thing I would like is for the team to add a ‘Block Unknown’ option to Defense+. That way it would automatically block unknown apps, and I would have to manually add them to the trusted apps list.

How do I “import” my CFP 2.4 setting into this CFP3 beta? will hate to have to set them up all over again… anybody help pls?

HI. I’m so happy to see the beta version! (R)
Would anyone tell me how to allow incoming and outgoing traffic for a specific port?
Thank you.

Ah, didn’t find that option. I thought it was very strange that everything was allowed by default.


Hi LA,

What option did you choose on install for the safe list? If you told CFP that everything on the computer was safe it will be allowed regardless. Only if a new file, not previously on the pc, is run will you get an alert unless it’s a safe file certified by comodo.

Changing the setings to custom, as mentioned, will change CFP so it alerts to all run files (unless certified) rather than allowing programs to run already on the pc without an alert.


Hi Mike,

I should have thought of that. It explains it all - I did chose the option of “everything safe”. So everything was allowed, except for BOClean - which is logical because I installed BOClean (4.25) right after the installation of CPF 3.

I suppose that CPF would warn if anything gets injected into the “safe” programs, or if the programs themselves are updated so the signature is changed. But I never got the chance to check this before I left v. 3 for the good old 2.4.


I was trying the BETA on my test snapshot [ FDISR ]. When I clicked to open a program ,I got the little pop up telling what is happening. On the pop up is Options tap that I clicked on. Everything locked up. I had to hold in power button to shut off. (:AGY)

It would be nice if the popups would not only say “fasl.exe” is trying to execute “blah.exe”, but rather give the full paths of these executables, particularily the object in question (blah.exe). Names by themselves are not unique and give not all information to make the proper decision.


SORRY,here is not for a bug report… (:KWL)

CFP should alert if anything was injected into a safe program or if the program is updated - unless it was certified by Comodo.

One good thing about going back to 2.4, is you are still getting one of the strongest firewalls around, for free. ;D


I can’t seem to find a way to block a trusted app. from accessing network… :-[

I also miss “block all” button… :frowning:


To block unknown without prompt is the reason why there’s a password protection.
Ashu: you need to edit the rules to block.

I still think the GUI will need some adjustments. Just not right now, i can understand that. They want to make it stable and secure first, my priority too.
But for example, in the fw: Global rules belong in a tab of it’s own imo, and the applications rules on another (or maybe a “Rules” tab, with Global and Application rules as sub tabs).
Open connections maybe as the first tab.

I just don’t like it to click links and open new windows to view the firewall itself.
The logs could be on a separate window (i would still prefer on the same gui though), but the rules and open connections belong on the main GUI, imho.

Editing rules of course are on a new window, but i should be able to review the rules without opening windows.

Who agrees with me?

I kind of agree with you Pedro, thought it was too messy to find the application rules. The 2.4 version is perfect in that matter.


I agree with the GUI thing,it took me a little longer to find out how to make costum rules for single appz, but i must say, that after i been trying comodo out for some days now it seems to be running very smooth and stable :BNC so i’m looking forward to the final version.

If you click the files in question in the popup you get a properties dialog showing path etc.

By default Global Rules, all Outgoing Requests are allowed (I am really a firewall newbie, :-[, since I just learned these last few days that incoming traffic can of course be started by an Outgoing Request).

As I have experienced it, I think ALL requests have to first pass the Global Rules. Then they have to pass the specific application rules (So, the Global Rules will have to be the least restrictive).

So, in order to open a specific port for Incoming Requests, you have to first allow this specific port (direction in) in your Global Rules, and then allow it in the application rules for the program you want to listen to this port. If you are behind a router, remember to forward the port in your router.