How can you prevent Firefox bookmarks and history from being deleted?

So OK. I have Comodo Time Machine installed. Basically everytime I restore to an past snapshot, all the history and bookmarks I have accumulated also gets deleted. Is there a way for them not to get cleared in between restores? Is there a feature in CTM that lets me do this.

If there is no CTM based solution, is there an add-on or something for Firefox that will let me do the job?

By default CTM makes a new snapshot just before you jump back in time. You can mount to that snapshot (possible in CTM’s advanced UI) and then explore it as if it is a drive. Lookup the location where firefox saves the bookmarks and history and then copy it to the real location. Make sure firefox is closed when you do that.

Have you tried using Weave, it’s a Firefox addon:

It can sync your Bookmarks, Passwords, Preferenes, History and Tabs (more should be avail. in future).
You can deselect anyone that you don’t need syncing.

You need to register to create a Weave account.

  • Password for account
  • A Phrase word for the Encryption.

Heres a handy application to backup all your browser preferences and not just firefox

“xmarks” extension is very good too.

Works on Windows and Linux.

yes , support Firefox, Chrome and IE.

MozBackup. All profile(s) saved. Flawless for me. :slight_smile:

And FEBE (addon), both make a very good job on backuping Firefox.

I stopped with MozBackup, when it didn’t support Win7x64 at the time.

I use FEBE too. ;D

Firefox Sync (aka Weave) I think will be in Firefox 4 - Well I hope so.

A video presentation of the new functionality that Weave Sync provides is available here:
Additional details on Weave Sync availalbe here:

Addon download: