How can I update to latest version?

Every time I try to use the update function, it gives error 106: cannot complete the update.

Does this function work for anyone else? Or is the only way to get the latest version to go to the main site and download a whole new version every time?

Hi and welcome to the forums! Have you tried this link?

Also, yes the main site but you only have to put in your name and email. There are other sites as well like etc…that you can get this from.

If you are having update trouble and need to go to the latest version, this may be the way to go, also I will do some searching to see if there is a resolved issue the same as yours, you may also try to set it to allow all for the update and see if that works.
Hope this helps,


Here are a few for you. In my opinion and what I did was uninstalled and installed the new version. After that , no issues. What version do you have?