How can I update CAV on linux

Hi guys
I have installed comodo version 1.1
and I want to update my cav on linux-centos but when I want to update the virus signature it gives me this error
“Failed to update the virus signature database
Please check your internet connection and try again later”

But my internet connection is ok
Any help is appreciated
Yours faithfully

if my eyes don’t mistake me, you are not using Linux :o

You are using Windows with very old CIS version.

Just uninstall the installed Comodo product from your PC.
Then install the latest Comodo Internet Security from the link below.

Hi shahrooz,

Thank you for reporting.
As [at]yigido said the provided screenshot is running windows with very old CIS version.
kindly refer the below link to download the latest CIS version and check.;msg906599#msg906599
Thank you [at]yigido for supporting.