How can I uninstall Comodo firewall? [Resolved]

How can I uninstall the Comodo Firewall? When I downloaded the newer version of the program I tried to install it, but it asked me if I wanted to uninstall the older version. I answered “yes”, but it did nothing. Repeated attempts failed. Then I tried to uninstall it from the Add or Delete Programs utility of the Control Panel, but it does not appear there. I tried again to install the new version, but it again asked me if I wanted to uninstall the older installed version. Again, I answered “yes”, but it did nothing. Then I removed the Comodo folders an all files from the Program Files folder, to no avail, as it still appears to be installed and it cannot be uninstalled.

I love the program, and would like to install the new version. Please help.

Welcome to the forum, colonmar.

It certainly can be frustrating to encounter this kind of error for beginnings. Have you tried Pandlouk’s uninstaller? Check out and bookmark my FAQ signature link:

Install & Uninstall - Issues & Resolutions,302.0.html,1184.0.html,5326.0.html

Eureka! Success!

I downloaded Pandlouk’s manual uninstall “comodo” as per your recommendation, and extracted both “clicapi.dll” and “fwconfig.exe” and placed them in the C: directory. Then at the command line of windows I used the command:
c:\fwconfig.exe -uninstalln

After I finished, rebooted my pc and eliminated the Comodo folders in “C:\Program Files”, then I reinstalled the new version of CPF. It was updated, and it is working beautifully.

Thanks for your prompt answer and your help. Again: BRAVO! (:CLP)

You’re welcome. :SMLR