How can I stop or prevent automatic updating

I installed CSC yesterday, ran it and it works fine…I’m quite pleased. I prefer not to use ap’s until version changes are mature…especially when it involves the registry. When CSC updated itself today, I searched for version changes and ran across entries in this forum indicating some changes have caused users big problems. This validates my policy, so I deleted the updated version and reinstalled 221291724. I’ve told zonealarm to block the update attempts, but would like to implement a manual update strategy. I can’t find anything in the settings that provides this option. Is there a way to stop CSC from automatically requesting updates?
I’m running XP-SP3 [PRO]
Thanks for your help. CSC is a great program and I do plan to update it after new releases have been vetted on CNET.

The application itself will not automatically update. You are probably referring at the “UpdateApplications” that ran after you first installed CSC. Take a look at this post for more details:;msg322038#msg322038

Thank you.