How can I hide my online activities from my ISP?

Recently US senate passed this law that our personal information that our ISP has, will be shared with third party advertising companies and the sheer thought of it is really disturbing. I want to know that how can I prevent this from happening? If somehow I can encrypt my online activities, my ISP wouldn’ know my search patterns and all, hence no accurate data. So, am I correct with this theory of mine? Is there anyway I can do this? Any recommendations?

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It’s my own personal theory that no one’s actually safe over the internet and there is no full-proof method to fully obscure your online activities. Well, perhaps, in any case, VPNs are going huge right now and it’s like every internet user in the USA looking for a speedy VPN service, and that’s exactly what I would recommend to you too. Use a VPN, Ad-Blocker and Tor Browser, coupled with a little more precautionary measure by yourself.

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I have been recently reading such topics on preventing ISPs from tracking and it’s a good start but I don’t think it would be enough. What more measures I can take to secure my online presence? I wanted to try Comodo products for long but my friends circle says that ‘hey they do surveillance through their free products,’ it would be great to read the opinion from someone who experienced the products?

I know that it’s quite obvious and been said a lot, but using a trustworthy vpn coupled with some good ole common sense will help with this.