How can I easily quarantine/remove threats AFTER initial scan?

Hey all,

I am new to Comodo and these forums but I am very impressed by what I’ve seen and the various comparison tests out there. I am currently using XP SP3 with Comodo 3.14 (latest non-beta), and I ran a scan of the Critical Areas on my computer. Comodo found 9 things - many of which are false positives (I am sure about this) - and I decided to wait before doing anything with the 9 results so I could scan with another scanner (like Virustotal). It seems that this was my first mistake. After deciding what I was going to do with them, I clicked on the highlighted 9 threats link on the first tab, and found that all I could do was see a list of what Comodo found - not actually easily remove or quarantine or exclude any of them! I found the only way to get a prompt to do this was to RE-scan the specific folders/files.

Maybe I missed something - but every piece of AV software I have used in the past allows me to easily remove threats after it initially detected them and prompted. If someone could guide me how to do this with Comodo or maybe this is something already being worked on for future versions. The log of threats is there - I just want to be able to right click on something and take an action!

Thank you,