how can I do a commodo firewall test?

Can you give me a link for the instructions or a website you recommend that a novice like me to do a firewall scan or vulnerability test.

Is there a link you can give me for the procedure to follow the Commodo leak applications. I really dont understand any of the link tests and the correct way to do them/

can you give the beginner instructions? thanks

Just browsing and noticed you haven’t had a reply yet. A bit of a novice myself but the following provide port scans which I think you require:

GRC have many tools but Sheildsup performs a firewall scan. I have noticed the Advanced port scan as PCFlank found my port 139 to be closed rather than stealthed when GRC didn’t, however, I think both tests work in different ways so your results may differ.

If you’ve got an ports that I’m sure someone in these forums will help you out. :BNC