How can I change allowed items in firewall

Hi. I have comodo firewall 5.0.162636.1135 and as I get to understand its behavior I would like to ask you how is it possible to review allowed/banned applications and change few things. For example, initially I allowed firefox completely and not (only) as a browser. This may not be an important change, but by reviewing all items I may be able to optimize comodo’s behavior. Thank you.

Go to Firewall > Network Security Policy > Application Rules. There you can add, edit and remove rules you have made.

Is everything listed there? I cannot see mozilla. Unless it is allowed by comodo anyways. Otherwise where can I look for it?

The way it works now by default is that trusted applications don’t have security policies created for them. If you want it to create new rule sets, you need to enable this function.

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Is mozilla ff a trusted application by default in comodo?

Yes, it is on Comodos whitelist.

Ok. Thank you very much for the help.