How can I block specified webpage or image adress?

I want to block specified webpage or image.

But I could not block these in COMODO FireWall.

For instance,

or specified web site’s sub address.

How can I block these specified webpage or image?

answer me please.

If the list is not big you can add the individual url’s under Blocked Network Zones (Network Security Policy) choosing Add → A New Blocked Address → Tyoe → Host Name.

When the list gets extensive it is better to resort to blocking with the Hosts file or using a tool like Peerblock (formerly known as Peer Guardian).

Sure I did it, but CFW could not block that address.
I added that all, nevertheless I could access that all.
So I wrote this question on here.

Without the other tool can not block?

I think CFW can block this url address type only.

there is no ‘http://’, no ‘/’, no ‘*’.

And, It can not block these type address. bla~*

Hi Colleen,

You cannot use a firewall to block a single page element (image, web page, etc.) from a URL. A firewall is used to block the entire URL.

This is why the CIS documentation specifically refers to IP addresses, URLs and host names.

All you can, as far as I know, is block the host. This will prevent all material from that site.

Ewen :slight_smile: