How can I become a Beta Tester for Comodo?

I would like to know how to become a beta tester for Comodo. How can I beta test their products? Can this be done from home? Seems how I’m a college student in Information Technology at one of my local colleges I would like to be able to do this from home and of course at my own time seems how college has endless homework…at least it seems like it. If any, what are the perks of being a beta tester for Comodo? Such as free software after the beta version has been upgrade to release stage. I already use several of Comodo’s products and thought I could help them out with being a beta tester.

Comodo has public beta’s for big releases.

Recently we started with Star Group. That is a group of testers that will test pre release builds and will give feedback to Comodo. These builds are not available for regular users and not discussed at the forums.

Star Group is invitation only. When we think somebody is eligible for Star Group we will ask the person. You cannot apply for it. In short; don’t call us we’ll call you…

Okay, understand that.