How can I be sure a site is SL certified by you?

I bought windows xp CD from, who have the comodo logo, but its not a clickable link & I cannot contact anyone to enquire where my CD is but it looks like canIhave may be a scam or cloned scam site. Can anyone tell me how to check that they are in fact ssl rated or not?

They do have an SSL certificate from us.

And they passed our validation process, which is the best in the business.
We validate they own the domain and that they are registered.
Publicly available information can be found at:

Very easy… go to and download Verification engine for free.
Everytime there is an SSL certificate on a site you visit, The VE (Verification Engine) will tell you who issued this cert and whether its good or bad :wink:


OK, verification engine works thx, But I see they only have basic ssl cert & I shouldnt use my C card with them. Had I know that I would have bought elsewhere, 'cos I found other ppl complaining about them on Caio reviews to say they also had not received their goods :frowning:

At least I learned how to validate sites :)) thx guys

That’s excellent.
pls spread the word and teach everyone how to validate sites using Verification engine please.


Yea, knowing how to verify is one thing, but my friend who also bought from this company has still to receive his goods after some 5 weeks, kinda makes u wonder if verification is worth the paper (pixels) its written on. Hopefully the bank can recover his cash, 'cos it was a debit card & isn’t coverered for fraud, maybe comodo should look at removing verification from this site. >:(

Well there are two levels…

  1. you are dealing with a legitimate (eg: it exists)
  2. the company is a decent company and will not fraud its customers

On the internet with phishing on the rise etc, its important to give a tool that provides ability to differentiate between legitimate companies and fake ones.
Of course, as Enron has shown us, being legitimate does not preclude the company from frauding.
We can only solve so many problems :slight_smile: