How can i allow all local connection requests?

I want that Comodo asks me for all connection requests except local connection requests like…

How can i do this?

Hi Lady_Gaga,

Thank you for reporting.
Let me check and update you.


Hi Lady_Gaga,

Kindly refer this link to create rules that you wish to get request connection.
For exclusion of…(localhost) requests, you can disable the option “Filter loopback traffic” in the firewall setting.
Kindly check and let us know your feedback.



The solution could be:

  • set the FW to “Custom Ruleset” (I don’t use this setting)
  • create a global rule authorizing access to the local loop

To allow all local connection requests , you can follow these steps:

1.Check your network configuration: Ensure your computer is connected to the local network, and you have administrative privileges.

2.Disable Firewall (temporary): If you have a firewall enabled on your computer, temporarily disable it to allow all local connections. This step will vary depending on your operating system. In Windows, you can go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall and turn it off for the desired network profile (e.g., Private network).

3.Allow All Incoming Connections:If your operating system has a firewall with granular settings, you can allow all incoming connections for the local network. Be cautious, as this might make your computer vulnerable to external connections if you’re connected to an untrusted network.

4.Check Application-specific settings:Some applications, like antivirus software or security suites, might have their own firewall settings. Ensure that these applications are also configured to allow local connections.

5.Verify Network Sharing Settings (Windows): In Windows, check your network sharing settings and ensure you have set the network profile to “Private” or “Home” network. This setting usually allows more permissive connections within your local network.