How can I add a website to a safe list?

O/S - Windows XP Pro SP3
Browser - Firefox 3.0
Firewall - Comodo Firewall Pro

Okay, I can’t view the comments section on the Comment Is Free pages at the Guardian website. For example, if you go to A home run for housing | Vincent Cable | The Guardian, I can view Vince Cable’s op-ed piece, but underneath his piece there should be a series of comments by readers - instead, there’s only a loading bar. I contacted the Guardian’s tech support and they suggested that it was my firewall. Sure enough, if I disable Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0, the comments load. The Guardian’s tech support suggested that I add the following addresses to a safe list in my firewall:

How do I go about that?

Comodo doesn’t have a web shield so its not Comodo. Firefox filters things. Sure you don’t have Ad Blocker on? Is Firefox blocking pop ups? Open up Comodo and go to the firewall tab. Then click advanced and go to the Network Security Policy tab. Find Firefox and click on edit. Make it a web browser from the predefined policy’s. I see all those comments just fine. I just click on that link. Your also using a very outdated version of Comodo. I highly recommend uninstalling your version and downloading and installing the latest Comodo.

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It works just fine for me too. However, if you’re using NoScript, you’ll need to allow ‘’ and ‘’. Does it work just fine in Internet Explorer?
I really doubt that CFP 3 interferes with the website, as it doesn’t block JavaScript in any way. Like Vettetech said, CFP 3 doesn’t filter elements in the browser, such as JavaScript, Flash or other things.


Understand that 90% of us in here know more then those Tech Support people. Tech Support people are not computer techies. All they do is read off a trouble shotting screen. Anyone can do there job.