How big are other AV databases?

As the subject line says how big are other companies AV database? (i mean in definitions not MB But feel free to post MB also)

I’d like to know as well, but I believe this is the core issue when comparing databases. Do they count signatures for unique malware variants or for groups of malware?

Norton: Total Detections (Threats & Risks): 3 732 696

Kaspersky (Flash): 2 074 315 records

If I did my math right AVIRA has almost 5 million signatures. I came out with 4,953,258. At the rate comodo is going it will be there in a few days :o

More than Norton today for CIS.


Where did they all come from, there were “just” 3 millions the other day. :o

Yes, amazing! :o

Database Version: 1115
Release Date (all times GMT): 15-Apr-2009 11:30:00
Number of Definitions Added: 54 721
Total Definitions: 2 836 062

Database Version: 1133
Release Date (all times GMT): 24-Apr-2009 13:00:00
Number of Definitions Added: 138 061
Total Definitions: 3 842 387

  • 1 million definitions in 9 days! :o :-TU

Comodo is climbing the ladder very fast than other competitors in terms of virus signature database. all credit goes to entire comodo team, :-TU Thanks

  • credits to users who submitted samples (I can’t take credits for this though) :-TU

Database numbers mean nothing in terms of detection%. Some single signatures detect multiple variants. there is also other methods such as hueristics.

Bigger is not always better.

Are outdated signatures being deleted? Norton always did an excellent job for me. I never got infected in over 10 years of using their products. The Norton database is smaller because they delete signatures for obsolete threats with every update. Bigger does not mean better.

I am a Norton fan,the only reason I’m using CIS now is because it’s free and seems so far to be just as good but not as seamless in operation. The list of trusted applications needs to be much larger to cut down on the alerts.

Well if you are not in Proactive Security Mode switch to it CIS will cut back on popups, in 3.9 (comming out today) you will see way way less popups. And COMODO is working on a way to make the database smaller in size but detect more. ;D

Here’s some related CAV info in case you haven’t seen it:

oh, we could “leak” that :(, I really should read the ‘unimportant’ information also 88)