How attemps to reduce pop-ups can lead to more pop-ups in V3.8

I have noticed this a few times recently and had a really bad case yesterday with pop-up after pop-up from defence+. With version 3.8 I can get more pop-ups than with with version 3.5.

I use clean PC mode. When installing or updating software I run it as administrator and wait for a pop-up. I then set the installation program to be “install or updater”. With 3.8 the installation program (presumably as it is deemed safe) does not always give any pop-up even though it is in “my pending files”. It then runs a series of other programs that do the install. Each of these gives a pop-up and has to be made “installer or updater”. The program I installed yesterday had loads of these and I had to make them all “installer or updater”.

I would like it to work like this. The new installation is in “my pending files” so it is not trusted at all. I run it and get a pop-up when it tries to run the first other installation program. I make it “installer or updater” and then it all runs smoothly. This is what used to happen in 3.5.

In normal use I have no pop-ups in clean PC mode with both V3.5 and V3.8. I now have more problem pop-ups in V3.8.

I like “my pending files”. All it needs is a simple way to select multiple files quickly so it can be easily cleared out.


Did you do some changes in your setting when installing 3.8? eg setting it to a proactive security configure with clean-pc mode? To me the popups are largely reduced, but I have not tested 3.8 in Clean-pc mode. :slight_smile: :-\

Same configuration with 3.5 as 3.8. Even 3.5 gave no pop-ups in clean PC mode with normal use, only when installing new software. Sometimes things install with zero pop-ups with 3.8 but others give more.

I would like to always have one pop-up when installing or, alternatively, an easy one-step way to run a program as “installer or updater”. However, this would not work for programs that update automatically.

Are you using “threat application as a installer or updater”? alternatively, threat as “windows system application” when you get popups? Thats a easy way to get minimal popups for a known safe application or updater’s… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As that will allow the application to many stuff without asking you for every action… =)
Alternatively you could try Safe mode, gives little popups for most people while maintaining full security.

I am doing that where possible. The problem is with out a pop-up I cannot set the application as an “installer or updater” and so each application it runs gives me a pop-up and I get loads.

To get less alerts:

  • List all executables.
  • Put it in Computer Security Policy.
  • Set D+ to Clean PC Mode.

Tried the above, works exceptionally well.
There’s an easy way on how to list all executables and import to CIS,
but that’s for all of you to find out.

What I don’t understand here is why my original program was trusted. Nothing was saved to “computer security policy”. It was a signed application (Logitech) but not in “my trusted software vendors”. The program was in “my pending files” with status untrusted yet it ran all these other programs (that I set as install or updater) without a pop-up. Could there be a bug here. If the program was in the safe list I thought it would automatically save to “computer security policy”.

The program in question was setpoint472.exe which is the driver for the Logitech Marble Mouse. Running on Vista SP1 32bit.

I have found the problem, my mistake this time. I had put a rule to allow all programs in my installations folder and not just all DLL files which is what I had intended.

It was not the safe file list causing the problem.