How and when will BOClean be integrated in CIS ?

Hi Kev :slight_smile:

Seeing you online again after all the trouble with your internet connection, I can’t resist posting this question :wink: How and when will BOClean be integrated in CIS ???

This is asked here in the CIS forum as well on Wilders, so maybe you can tell us a little bit more :slight_smile:

Greetz, Erik.

( It feels realy nice to ask “help” for once here ;D )

Heh. I really can’t at this time as it’s still in flux and I don’t have all the answers … about all I can say is “stay tuned” … once we know, I’m sure there will be details announced in that subforum. From what I’ve seen though now that CIMA is up and running, going to be mighty impressive. :slight_smile:

CIS allready is. Does anyone have BoClean running next to CIS?

Yes, works fine for me. Boclean works well with both final release CIS and with this new beta CIS.

Windows XP sp3, 32 bit, cis, boclean, avira realtime, superantispyware realtime…all working harmoneously!

I too am running BOClean next to CIS. Now I’m very confident that I will never get hit with spyware or other malware that the AV component of CIS fails to detect. I also have MBAM and SAS, both free on-demand programs. With BOClean guarding against malware the way that it does, I don’t need to purchase real-time protection from MBAM nor SAS.

Update :

Melih has confirmed that this is correct: He states "will be in the subsequent version AFTER the public release of the current CIS Beta.

however, it won’t be the current boclean code, but a totally rewritten memory scanner that doesn’t take up any resources at all…"

From here :;msg240689#msg240689

Thnx to larlyles for this info :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.