How about the DS next version?

Maybe no news is good news.

The forums be silence too long :SMLR

I think your right…

Hi Guys,

The development of Comodo Disk Shield is still very much on my radar. I would like to get this into our new enterprise platform to remotely deploy and manage CDS into training labs across organizations would be very powerful.

Can you think of any other applications aside from training labs that a large network provider would need to use CDS?

Always looking forward to your comments!

What about Schools? Kids mess up Computer Schools all the time, and yes they have limits but some Schools will find the combination of the new Enterprise & CDS would be great.


I agree! Looks to be a great product to deploy onto computer labs in schools.

Internet shops ?


haha, Some bad stories i can tell about them…
but yes Libraries would be good because people mess up and download things from there


Some hotels let you rent laptops…


Schools still best thing IMO.


Any news on next Beta version?


Looks like the well trained eyes and personnel are still looking at it. ;D

Al (time will tell) Adric

we are working on the next version… have some issues in vista… we introduced some nifty features that are fighting us on vista :slight_smile: so, we are trying to make sure everything is good before we release… thanks

Is that the cough release we played with?


Vista changed a lot of APIs and kernel parameters, so I am not surprised there are troubles with Vista. :stuck_out_tongue: I am sure they will be worked out though. Your team does a great job at bug finding and solutions. By what you said, this should be a very stable release since you do a lot of in house testing before each release. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to read about the new features. This is very exciting stuff – from a computer geek’s point of view … cough

Any news about next CDS version?

its being worked on…
some of the new features caused some issues… we are fixing them


QUE??? …