How about making CIS auto-mode?

I don’t know about DACS but if COMODO is already planning it please let me know.

as I said many people use norton because it’s already installed, and it’s automatic.
CIS 5.0 also have a game mode, but it’s default deny(AFAIK). it can cause several incompatibilities.
I think CIS should have a auto-mode, even if it’s not perfect.
so make these possible for novice user. install and forget. CIS will try to protect you. it’s free.

and when COMODO detects dangerous rootkits are in the wild, you prompt this message and turn the suite into manual mode. so novice user will be sensitive only when needed.

once these features are prepared, you can make CIS preinstalled. maybe you can make some pressures to OEM brander 8)


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I don’t agree.


I don’t believe 100% protection could be achieved by 100% automation.
DefenseWall might be close, but a program is stupid and only does what is being told to do.
And when Comodo is bypassed by automation, many would scream “Comodo bypased”, “Comodo sux” etc…
And besides, it is not that hard if people read a little…

I don’t think it’s worth the loss of security. For the ordinary user they don’t install too many programs, so if they just take a few minutes to test these and add them to the trusted files list if they are sandboxed they will be fine.

By the way, there’s always dangerous malware in the wild. Thus by your popup Comodo would always be in manual mode anyway. ;D

Not a horrible idea, but I don’t think it fits with Comodo’s philosophy of 100% security. Or at least they get as close as possible without making life hell for the user. Just wait, CIS is getting more user friendly with every release.

Being dumb and lazzy cannot be cured by anyone and anything ! My opinion stands as in this thread:

the reason we use CIS is because its the only “antivirus” who keeps the computer clean
if any “auto decision” is implemented its a call of d… virus
so there is no point of making any version of CIS with 0 popups