How about Comodo Proxy Server?

It would be useful to save internet traffic. Maybe something else…

Comodo TrustConnect keeps you and your information private, secure, and out of the hands of criminals during your online session. Wherever you are located, whatever type of hardware, using a public Wi-Fi connection or not, Comodo TrustConnect keeps you securely connected and your identity and information private. No one can intercept or steal any information sent or received during your online session. They can’t even determine where your information is coming from.


The problem with TrustConnect is that you have to pay for it. Maybe, there could be a free version, where you only have a certain amount of data transfer per day.

1 Can we use this server locally free with following abilities:
a. traffic economy when visiting visited already sites
b. with buttons “block images” “block media” “block downloads” “block flash” “block etc…”
c. something else…
d. …

Often your ISP can provide a proxy.

No, the problem is that Comodo has to pay for it, :smiley: whether they charge you or not. They have to charge for something if they’re to stay in business, specially to continue offering so many free products.

I thought they made their money by securing websites & such.

What about trustconnect in comparison with tor ?
Can somebody tell? Differences…

rather than a proxy server, how about whitelist/blacklist importing/exporting so as to work more tightly with any existing proxy server (such as TOR or a garlic router…)

…or at least with something like Peer Guardian…