How about combining the firewall and antivirus in one application

Hi there…Your firewall and antivirus software is great…How about combining(or slipstreaming the 2 together in 1 applicatiuon) the 2 applications together…It would be alot easier if the 2 were together in 1 icon in the system tray…Also, is the antivirus software going to come out of the beta stage?

I’m sorry, but this is a terrible idea.

Comodo Developers, please do not do this.

There are several good Anti-Virus solutions out there (but no real decent Firewalls). Users may prefer to run one of those other Anti-Virus products with Comodo Firewall. But if you combine Comodo Firewall with Comodo Anti-Virus then you will be forcing many of your users to have 2 Anti-Virus systems on their PC at the same time (which may clash and cause conflicts / instability).

Monothlithic, bloated “do everything” software is horrible and a very out-dated approach to software provision. It’s more difficult to maintain and it reduces user choice. Just because users like one particular Comodo program, they should not be forced to install all of them.

If anything, Comodo should be going in the exact opposite direction; i.e. smaller, leaner, faster, with more efficient code that is more modular / ‘componentized’. This would really make Comodo products stand out in the current market place that is intent on feature excess. With a modular approach, inexperienced users could simply choose a default setup (which would install a standard selection of modules / components) while more advanced users can pick and choose which components they want to be installed.

Many other Firewalls and Anti-Virus solutions have fallen down the slippery slope of “feature creep” and I would not want to see Comodo going the same way. Most of these companies have a “reason” for this feature bloat, and that reason is money. They need to keep adding new so-called “features” in order to get people to upgrade and buy new versions of their software again and again. Marketing departments have unilaterally decided that stability does not sell, but a new “feature” does, so it’s now commonplace to see companies adding new features while well known previously reported bugs go unfixed (cough Agnitum cough).

Comodo Firewall is free, so there is no need to keep adding features to it just for the sake of it. New fetaures that are relevant to the Firewall are obviously fine, but there are plenty of other improvements that can be made to a program other than just adding new “stuff” to it all the time (e.g. broader system compatibility, improved stability and resilience, reduced memory usage, faster load times, increased speed of operation etc.).

I don’t know much about the Comodo Launch Pad (it’s not the kind of thing I would use) but this could be used as means of combining all individual Comodo apps under one control surface / interface (for those that chose to work that way) a bit like how Nero Burning ROM operates (… now there’s classic example of a good program gone bad through excessive feature creep / bloat).

Please keep Comodo Firewall as just a Firewall and nothing else. Any partially firewall-related features (like Spyware detection etc.) can either be supplied as compatible (but separate) products, or as modular optional add-ons. Things that are not related at all to a Firewall (e.g. cookie management etc.) have absolutely no place in Comodo “firewall”.


All-singing and all-dancing internet security suites are like drugs, kids.



Ewen :slight_smile:


Comodo had decided to not make both programs into one application because they do not want to bloat their software like some of the other companies have chosen. I am glad that they have chosen this route and I think it is the correct route to go, as do many other users. As for the Antivirus it is still in its beta stage, and you can check on the latest beta versions by clicking on the link to the board below.,61.0.html

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I’m sorry, but this is a terrible idea.

Comodo Developers, please do not do this.[quote/]

I agree! It would be ruined.


sorry to disagree but i am all for a suite of the programs as i think they are better if combined.
could supply it in a form that lets you select which parts you want to install.
that way it should prove acceptable to everybody

its just my own personal choice by the way

Viva Comodo
Hi Everyone,
This is my first time on the forum. I’ve been using Comodo firewall for about a month and it beats F-Secure which I used till now. Before that I used ZoneAlarm Pro which I paid for. Comodo beats these. I had Comodo and F-Secure going at the same time. Yeah I know, bad idea, and it was. I reluctantly dropped F-Secure and the Puter is running great. I can’t say it was before. I guess you just gotta trust sometimes…the right one. Thanks. This is a great product. I also had F-Secure anti-virus which worked fairly well but not that well. I have been using Clam Win Free Anti-Virus. It’s a good program and I’ve tested it out several times. I’d like to hear from anyone else as to their experiences with Clam Win.

i agree…
i don’t like all in one products.

No, no, no. I used Norton System Works and couldn’t figure out why my brand new screaming (very fast) computer was so slow. A week ago it would no longer let me get live updates (I renewed just last October), got no help from Symantic so surfed the internet and found Comodo. Then went to to see what they had to say about Comodo and it gave an all thumbs up review. So I deleted all Symantec products, installed pc-cillin for my antivirus and downloaded Comodo Firewall. My computer is running beautifully, not to mention that it is screaming now, just like it should have all along. Thanks Comodo for an excellent product. Can’t wait till your antivirus program (I believe it is still being tested) is up and running because I will definitely get rid of what I have and download yours. Thanks for providing this free for a lifetime because I will soon be retiring and living on a limited income. God bless and again, thanks for such a wonderful product!! (:AGL)

I don’t think I would ever like to see “Comodo Internet Security” ;D, with integrated firewall, antivirus, parental control, and whatever… I like the way things are right now. Comodo firewall is good piece of software, small, light on resources, robust and efficient. It is not perfect, it has some “strange features”, but what software doesn’t? Combining it with the antivirus would not be a good idea.

I’ve never used Comodo Antivirus, but that’s just because I’m satisfied with the Avira antivir (which I’ve used for more than a year). But if it starts to cause the troubles, I will look first at Comodo AV for a replacement, based on my positive experience with the firewall.

Hi box4katray

Sorry to disagree with you, [b]absolutely NO a 1000 times NO.

Please Comodo say NO[/b].

Add me to the no list. There is actually a very simple reason for it—namely troubleshooting. If I am having problems, one fast and easy way to check is to turn a service off and see if the problem goes away. Then you know the cause—or the innocent. Maybe not very safe for long term—but an acceptable risk for a very short term. But I sure would not want to be on the internet for a milli-second without either an active AV and a firewall. And who knows what else someone will want to bundle into an all in one security suite.

Security suites are almost impossible to troubleshoot down to even a general area.

Modular components are far better—even if one decides to go all comodo.—or all some other brand.

But I have resisted trying the comodo firewall—maybe its good that I waited—because this new comodo version is so easy to set up.

Don’t Do THAT EVER Because When you do it will decrease the chances of getting through your computer so I say No


CFP 3.0 should be combining with CAV with possibility to deactivate CAV.


That’s what you have now, so what’s the problem?

I agree with the obvious majority here, but Holy Mackeral!! this is box4katray’s first post…Mmm, think we’ll see another one ???
Talk about hitting a nerve. (:KWL)

I prefer it seperate. I am just looking/waiting for a network management console for CFP 3. that can monitor and configure multiple clients :BNC :BNC I know we have to get the client up and working first but I can Dream :THNK :THNK


I don’t agree but you should be able to make that CPF SHould monitor CAV or to tell the stats but dont combine them into one suite

How about keeping in a option
install CPF and CAV separately or all in one.
This enables the user to select…

This my personal opinion (:LGH)