How about an "undo" button?

Explaining to new users how they have hosed their system to the point they need to go to safe mode and uninstall CFP3 because they answered “block and remember” to a confusing popup, or isolated explorer.exe or wininit.exe without understanding the consequences seems to be an ongoing task. How about an undo button in CFP3 that removes the last N rules and restores some sanity to the process without forcing a boot into safe mode and an uninstall? Users have gone so far as to characterize CFP3 as a virus, and sometimes it acts like one. :wink: This is very user hostile design. Changing the nature of the popups may help, but ??? and not yet. Some uninstall and come back, some uninstall and go to OA or elsewhere. Long overdue!!!

That’s a nice idea :slight_smile:

Another idea is to automatically create backups of the currently-used configuration, perhaps once every computer boot and/or maybe every 24 hours. Then if a user has a problem, the user could restore the previous configuration, hopefully one before the problematic choice was made.

I like this idea!


Well, wouldn’t you have to boot in Safe Mode to find the undo button if you can’t get in in normal mode 88)
Else, this sounds like a pretty nice idea.