how about a VPN?

i know comodo used to have a vpn, what happend to it? would love a vpn included in cis.

Sorry in the Discontinued Products

Comodo Unite (EasyVPN) - CUnite,

If you want a free vpn, try looking on software giveaway sites. I found one that is for a limited time, 60GB per month for a year. Found it on Giveaway Radar

Windscribe VPN Windscribe VPN (100% discount) | SharewareOnSale

Expires in a little over 2 days. So far this is the best deal but has been on there a few times.

Update 7/5/2017: Expire in a little over 2 days as it got extended.

vpn’s are important for security, a free vpn would sent comodo over the top

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I use Hola, that is an unlimited free VPN

You can build your own OpenVPN to protect ports, allow or stop programs to run etc.

I set rules according to instructions here in comodo’s forum - german. Done with version 5, yet. I think they are still useful (:NRD)

I looked for an english forum perhaps you can find here what you want or in this forum:

Comodo has a VPN, it’s called Trustconnect.