How about a Comodo Boot Disk..Melih ?

Hi all,

I am one of the most satisfied users of Comodo firewall and BO clean. Had been using this for last one year. I am very happy and feel very safe with the products and even refered to my of my friends.

I am a system admin by profession. Some times people appraoch me with their home pc problems. What I have observed is that, despite having some firewalls and av tools, their pcs will have a couple of bad programs installed without their knowledge, most of the times. Mostly I end up suggesting a complete reinstall (low level format and stuff like that) , reinstall OS and applications, install Comodo firewall, BO Clean, and CASV. They might trouble me for a couple of days because of the Defence + alrets,but no more after that.

Now , from my experience what I would like Comodo to offer is a Bootable repair disk. Already CASV and BOClean is doing a wonerful job, but would it not be nice if we can just boot form a CD and run the diagnostics and fix the infected system instead of going for a complete install? I always prefer a clean install to a repairing act. But here what matters is the time. Most of the time , the victim calls up only in the last minute and 80% of the times they will have to complete something very urgent and important in an hour or so. In such situation, I guees, a Comodo bootable disk with the required utilities might come handy.

My 2 cents , Melih. Now up to the boss to decide :slight_smile:

PS. active yahoo chatter here :D. Recently one of the cyber terrorists sniffed my ip (send a pm and stuff) and threatened me that he will ip boot me ( booting in yahoo is kicking some one out of chat rooms using either pm flood or some other method ). One thing he did not knew was that I was protected by a Comodo firewall with all kinds of flood prevention enabled . :D. I wish I could have watched the guy’s face after half an hour of udp flooding from a T1 link (mine is a 256 kbps connection :frowning: ). After some time when he saw that I am still in the room, he asked me the how I managed to do that. Next day he came asking help to configure Comodo firewall and now I have a virtual He-Man body gurard in the chat rooms … (:NRD)

Yeah… well… glad it worked out… this time. But be careful in the future. Read some Machiavelli. Be a little more frosty in the Wild West of the Internet. Were I a bully wanting to goof you up, and then having failed at so doing, I’d want to know your secrets so that my next attempt would have better results. Never underestimate the depths to which mean-spiritedness can plummet on the Internet; and never forget that there are those who, having grasped the wisdom of the old saying, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” will do whatever it takes to be world-class jerks.

Just a word to the wise.

  • HarpGuy

Thanks Divyan…

we put it in our list… can’t promise anything… but its in our list for consideration.

Aye aye, Sir :slight_smile:

Yeah, it is exactly like what Harpguy said. Weird is the virtual world.

And Melih, Thanks for putting my wish in your good list. It is almost 12 years I have been fighting to save sick computers for good. If my wish comes true, well… :BNC



I’d say that it would depend on the processing power of the firewall (And whether there is a program running that’s receiving the packets and trying to process them/waiting for a connection IE. HTTP), it is a common technique to “Finger print” a firewall to see what type of firewall is running. In other words it could have been a social engineering technique to “Finger print” your setup. If he is asking how to configure the firewall, it sounds like he’s a kiddy scripter (No offense to anyone, but if he is a professional hacker asking questions about a firewall, it’s fairly unusual).

My £0.02

Might want to consider installing Comodo Memory Firewall to help prevent such Yahoo Messenger Exploits. I’m not much of a Yahoo messenger fan.