How about a CD/DVD recorder?

Comodo Team,

a CD/DVD burning solution would be a must have!

As for your development so far… FANTASTIC!!!


You know, a Windows-friendly DVD (Sonic/Nero-type) application that doesn’t have any bloat, but would still burn/rip and allow transfers via Windows Explorer would really be great. I recently ditched my OEM software, formatted my drives and installed a clean copy of Win XP Pro (couldn’t stand having all the HP junk pre-installed and not having the OS disc - just in case…). I did not get back the DVD burning software that originally came with the computer, and it has been impossible, short of paying $75+, to find comparable software. Personally, I’m not concerned about video uses, but that’s just me. Thanks! CHUCK ;D

There’s a free burning solution called CDBurnerXP which I think it’s close but lacks a few functions like direct burning.

Hope remains (even though it’s not security related :-[ ). If Comodo team take this as a project we can certainly be sure to have a future full featured solution.

Keep up,


Found a good and free alternative here.

Best regards to you all,