How about a bookmarks sidebar like other browsers..

Definitely a need for this… I power surf and the bookmark system in Chromium is the thing I hate the most.

I power surf and have had to use CoolNovo as they are the only ones to have figured it out (are the Chinese better coders than the rest?) Is this on the Dragon’s to-do list?

My preferred layouts…
Fox -
Chrome -


Opera browser? 8) :a0

I prefer Firefox over Opera, I’ve just never liked it. I’m not alone in wanting sidebar functionality in Chromium. If it can’t be done fine, but someone should say it will never happen period… I like Chromium but that’s a major issue IMO…


I have suggested a sidebar but it is only if they have time, so it could be in their To-Do list, or put away.
Cool Novo’s team planned it in advance and put time to it. (If Comodo’s team did the same, it would have a sidebar)

Cool Novo is still dragged down by the built-in features, that is where I stick with Dragon.

The sidebar is one of the reasons I stick to Fx, besides the fact that Chromium browsers are a pain when opening tabs, horrible lag until the new tab finishes loading, Fx does not lag that much when opening new tabs(foreground/background) nor does the page have to finish loading before the lag is gone.

I’m a big fan of Comodo’s software! I guess I’ll just stick with CoolNovo until Comodo implements this function…

Here’s a link to the proposed API for doing this…


Any word if this is even on the radar?

Exact same thing with me. I have thousands of bookmarks in folders and sub-folders and sub-sub folders and what I dislike most about Chrome is that you can’t keep the panel open on the left as you can in FF and Opera. CD is better but still not as good. If I want to go from one bookmark to another I can’t without losing my place and reopening everything all over again. Slows things down a lot. I’m just trying out CD for the first time and I like it, but I’ve come across some problems so far, that being one of them, another seems to be the middle mouse button doesn’t always open up a link in a new tab.

Actually I just started a thread on this same thing on another one of your boards -

so i’ll just pack up and move over here.

It’s almost as if the developers have some hidden agenda in regards to sidebars! I have a collection of bookmarks that have been sorted and categorized since the start of the web, and I enjoy powersurfing and Chrome simply circumvents that. Is it that hard to get a definitive answer??


It shouldn’t be that hard to do. IE, FF, and Opera have had it from the beginning (though actually i don’t know what’s going on with IE now. I very rarely use it, but when I did look at it I couldn’t find the bookmark panel.)