How about 2.7 ?

I’d like to open this post in order to keep close with the most recent news about next version.
I hope that this will be helpful for all community and programers as well.
So, when can we expect to see 2.7 and what will be new/fixed in this release? :comodorocks:


Hi Adyb:

    As i know there is one plan for later edition of CAS, which version will fix most bugs and flaws in CAS2.6. It will be expected in this May.  :)

Thank you for your reply, Junhua.


Any update on when we can expect 2.7?



Did you get my PM and see the Bug Reports for this product (my bug reports sticky topic)?

Hi Eric:

  Thank you for your good idea. We will check bugs everyone reported.

Hi Guys:

 There is one bad news, CAS 2.7 will be postponed for we must get another urgent task done before Jun. Thanks to all your supports and the plan on CAS2.7 will go on after the urgent task is done. Thank you all again.

Thanks Junhua for the update!

Take your time…


Seconded. Thanks for the update.

Looking forward to the new release. Potentially a really excellent bit of software this, currently spoiled by a few bugs, IMHO. Tried to document these as carefully as I can in the bug reports list.

Maybe, to ensure all eliminated, there should be a public beta for the new vesion?

Will be happy to help test

Very best of luck with development.

Best wishes