How a girl without computer knowlege used CIS to fight malware..

Today when I loged into “msn” I saw a girl with the name “virus infection HELP”… (well it was Swedish, but thats my translation) ;D I could tell that she was infected also, by noticing how she sent me a malicious link…

The funny thing was that I asked her what she had done to fight this “infection”… She said: “I just downloaded Comodo antivirus and are doing a system scan”… :slight_smile: (good girl) +1 to her… :a0

I said that that is a good start and asked if she had installed D+ and the firewall as well… “I don’t know what D+ is” she said. But I figured out she had installed the firewall… So I knew D+ was there also… 88) :slight_smile:

I asked, Did it find anything… yes she had removed 12 objects that was found by CAVS… Still however I got links from her MSN to a malicious site… so I realized her comp can’t be clean… and she confirmed this and told me that the comp was acting slow… So I asked her to check active processes with D+ and use the terminate and block… After going throught the list of active processes her sending links stopped…

I told her to ask me of every application that was not from M$… She did…
fxsteller.exe was one file that poped up… Maby thats something to add to the CAVS database?

Anyway… I guided her through disabling services also… and msconfig… Found something there as well (always some unnecessary junk starting…)

She then said her comp was feeling good again… I however told her to download SAS and A2… and she started a scan with those as well… and loged out…

Maby after that I will show her how to use CSC as well… =) :slight_smile: I bet there is a lot of junk still left to be cleansed.

Still I think this shows CIS has some usability to work on still… If it was not for me then she would most likely still have a infected comp… But it was fun news she found comodo by her self! :-TU :-TU

Can we sensor this post from Ganda,otherwise he`ll be trolling msn looking for Swedish girls in distress. 88)

Smooth work(and a nice read) MB :-TU


I can’t… Maby a mod can… But from what I see he mostly checks the “general about everything” part of the forum… Maby he will miss this one post… :smiley: Guess we will find out… =)

Ty! :slight_smile:

i’m listening …go on, pretend that i’m not even here

did you give her any contact number, maybe later she needs further help. 88)

Ganda you Sleeze. lol.
Nice work MB :slight_smile:

I’m a good physician in case she needs one, you know where to PM me.

Na… I don’t think my girl would appreciate that… :wink:
She is picky when it comes to me giving my number to girls… :smiley:

Trying to avoid a conflict as far as possible… =) You would understand if you where in my seat… =)

Thanks for the suggestion!
Maby I do…

pfftt 88) what seat? i thought you’re living on tree ;D
but seriously, how do you know there won’t be anymore problem with her using CIS w/ full D+?at least she should have your email address 88)