HoverZoom - Imgur gif/gifv - Reddit

Hi. I made the switch to Comodo Dragon today.
Everything works fine so far. Ok, Bookmark importing worked only over the Google account. Every time I wanted to import them from the chrome browser, the dragon browser crashed.

But the reason why I made this topic is because of an extension I use in chrome and also want to use on this browser. It’s called HoverZoom.
In Chrome it’s working fine on images and gifs (on websites like Reddit). But on the Dragon Browser it’s only displaying image files.
Every gif/gifv from imgur is not working and shows a throbber. Gfycat for example is loading fine (as long as the html5 is linked).

Additional system information:
Windows 8.1
HoverZoom 5.7 Chrome Store
Comodo Dragon (portable)

I don’t think that it’s a problem with the extension because it’s working fine in chrome.

I hope there is a way to fix this. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome NewToDragon,
I am able to reproduce the issue with Hoverzoom, but I can’t find the cause of the incompatibility with Dragon.
Maybe when Dragon updates in the near future this issue might be solved.
I have found using the extension ‘Imagus’ instead of ‘Hoverzoom’ does solve some of the issue.

If I do find a solution to get Hoverzoom to function correctly, I will post back.

In regards to your bookmarks, these can be exported to a HTML file from Chrome, then imported into Dragon.
Tip: Export your ‘Bookmarks’ to a HTML file for safe keeping.

Kind regards.

Thank you captainsticks for the fast reply. The plugin you suggested works even better than my old.


Edit: Also congratulation, you guys now have the best working browser out there.

  • Opera cannot import bookmarks + addons + passwords
  • Chromium has missing video format support. (H264?)
  • Firefox is just slow with many addons.
  • Chrome has worse security and also this annoying popup “you have plugin not from store, you want to disable?” NO!!!
    As well as the newest Chrome has some strange vertical screen tearing. Dragon doesn’t.

PS: I love the media grabber!

Hi NewToDragon,
Glad to hear the extension worked. :-TU

Thanks for posting back.

Kind regards.