Hotspot shield safe to use? Any experience?!

hey, while I was surfing the web, I’ve found one free vpn by name AnchorFree Hotspot Shield and if you go to ‘news’ section, you can see many biggggggggggggg guns recommending that software. pango group

PC World has also reviewed good. Read here:,71209-order,1-page,1/description.html

My experience? Here ya go! Just installed a day before and it was trouble free (use Adblock Plus and No Script to get rid of ads) and it didn’t slow down the connection. But after a day, I had few problems. At first, web pages didn’t open. When I placed cursor on the network icon (which is in the system tray) I was shocked! Sent: 0 bytes, received: 0 bytes! Clicking it to view didn’t work. System froze suddenly. I was forced to remove my data card. Like that, it happened for few times. After ending ‘networks’ (?!) with the help of task manager, I was able to bring my computer to normalcy. Till now, it is connecting as usual: good! Scanned with my Avira Premium Security Suite and it didn’t detect anything bad.

But is it safe to use? What do you think? :-TU or :-TD ?! 8)

Note: I’m not using for any illegal purposes. :a0 Just to add extra protection as it encrypts data. Can I log into my email account etc while using it? Safe to use?!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I think it is not a ‘hotspot shield problem’ because I can use my PPPOE connection without any problem. When I reinstalled the application, the connection (data card’s) is worry free till now fortunately.

I’ve been trying to install the latest iteration of HSS into a Windows 10 installation without success. Error message: Corrupted installer
I will not bother with this s/w app as it smells like a fish! Nasty app/

Try redownloading the installer. May be something went wrong the download. Does anybody if HSS is officially Windows 10 compatible?