Hotkey for Killswitch

Now CCE is inbuilt into CIS. KillSwitch is a great tool to kill active malware.

I have noticed through my tests that few ransomware doesn’t allow you to do anything i.e either the ransomware is full screen or you cannot move the mouse outside the ransomware window. In CIS case a restart of the system would kill the ransomware as it was autosandbox or if you have set KillSwitch to replace taskmanager & always on top you would be able to kill it.

But as KillSwitch is inbuilt & a powerful tool to kill malware I think it would be good if we can start it with a hotkey & it runs on top.

Is it possible?

If you set it to replace the Windows Task Manager you can press CTRL+Shift+Esc, if you do not replace the Windows Task Manager the shortcut will open the Windows Task Manager.

If you do not want to replace the Windows Task Manager then you could probably create a script to start killswitch.exe when certain keys are pressed, could probably be done with AutoHotKey.

To my knowledge KillSwitch does not have an in-built hotkey to launch.

Don’t know if this helps…

I did it by finding Killswitch.exe inside the Comodo program folder, and then created a shortcut to the exe…

Once you have your shortcut just right click it and select properties and you’ll see a box for entering your own keyboard shortcut.

Alternatively there’s no end of freeware on the net that would do this for you. QuickClic for instance is very small and light, allows you to configure how a program is run, and also seems to work regardless of what window has focus.

I should add that even you do this though, there’s no guarantee it would work in the case of your screen being hijacked by malware, though I think you can add a command to your shortcut to make the program always run on top, which might help.

Of course a CIS built-in option for a Killswitch hotkey would be much easier : )

Does ctrl+alt+delete work with KS replacing Task Manager?

Other than that I will move this to CCE wish board.

I know replacing taskbar.

I am talking about hotkey.

I changed the topic title to Hotkey for Killswitch.

+1 for the idea…

Fwiw I’ve used Quick Cliq (not Quick Clic as I called it before sorry, my bad) to set up a Kiiswitch hotkey which works in all the circumstances I’ve tried it in, and Killswitch always opens on top even when programs are running fullscreen. I’d love to know though if this still works in the case of ransomeware such as you describe.

Nevertheless I’d vote for your idea anyway if you care to add a poll.