Hotel unsecure wifi log-in Firewall turn off.


I am in a hotel with an insecure wifi. The only way I have found to show the log-in screen in my browser is to turn off the firewall temporarily which I am not happy with. Otherwise I get no internet connection.

Can anyone suggest a rule to allow this automatically without turning off the firewall or compromising my security?

“Stealth port wizard > alert per case”

or use trust connect :smiley: :smiley:



do you have Trust Connect James? otherwise download it Trustconnect for free:slight_smile:

Valentin N

Yes I have Trustconnect thanks, I was one of the original beta testers a few years ago.

I also set the ports to alert, but there are no popups or events. There is something weird about this wifi as for some reason it seems to disable windows update service and I cannot turn it on, unless Windows7 does that for an insecure connection. It was the hotel barman who told me I needed to disable the firewall for the login screen to show in a browser and so far that seems to be the only way to get the internet connection working, at least when I turn it back on after the login there are no inward connections showing then. This is a 4* hotel in Spain.

Thanks for the replies.

There’s some “active content” in this connection process to the wifi.

A similar story at Mac Donald’s (in France) where you have to link to a specific url to connect: i never was able to do so otherwise then when using Linux (but no firewall there), and not in Windows (XP, buit-in firewall dsabled but kerio running on the netbook, the connection remaining impossible even if kerio disabled).

It seems that it would be needed to know what “active content” (it can be javascript or whatever else) forbids the connection (maybe after an appropriate redirection) to the logon screen.

Such measures are generally used in order to avoid people other then customers connecting from the sidewalk or the next house.

Try disabling “Block fragmented IP Datagrams”.

Eric that does it. You are a genius.

I am reading the help file about that now, but I am not sure if there could be a security problem as this is an insecure network. I don’t really want to keep Trustconnect on all the time, but maybe it is necessary.

Edit: It seemed to work the first time after a restart but not again, so I put the tick back on to be secure. Back to turning firewall off to get in.

Is that the only recommended setting for an insecure network.?
Im using an insecure network at the moment.
Are there any other settings i should be aware of please.?
Thank you.

It depends how you want it but especially using an in secure network.

Valentin N

It’s actually recommended using “Block all incomming connections - make my ports stealth to everyone” but make sure you do have the IP that is handed to you by the Router/DHCP is listed on ‘network zones’

Hope this helps


Yes for some reason I did not have the wifi network in my zones, after reinstalling CIS it was added and I now join the wifi without turning the firewall off. Maybe I had missed the popup and it had blocked it, but there was nothing in firewall events.

Edit: As I had Block Incoming Connections selected already, presumably no events would be recorded so the hotel wifi was blocked automatically. I will have to remember to change it before joining other wifi networks so that it works in future.