Host Blocking

I’m sorry if this has been posted before, as I could not find a similar post. I would like to see something similar to PeerGuardian which has the ability to block hosts based on categories. This could also be something similar to editing the hosts file under windows to block or redirect certain web addresses, for instance blocking ad sites and anti-p2p hosts. Currently PeerGuardian is not compatible with vista and makes it a bit more difficult to block large amounts of hosts. If this feature could be added to the firewall, that would be great.


There is a test version of PG that works with Vista: .

You may need the RC Loader to get the PG icon in the systray: . This loader is a workaround for a PG problem. Apparently there is nobody to work on the PG Vista version at this point in time.

Yes Eric, We understand that, We are not asking COMODO to develop a new type of program, they already have it in there system, “My Blocked Network Zones” in the “Firewall” “Common Task” box.
All we are asking is to make it “Importable” and Add a Switch to the System Tray menu list.
How Tough could that be???

With the list importable you could make a list of IP’s that you don’t want to have access to or access from and import it in to your “My Blocked Network Zones” box and manage it as you need. You could use the “Block List Manager” to build any set of IP’s that you desire in just a matter of minutes.

Why will none of the Dev Team respond, This Wish could not be difficult.

+1 I also posted something similar in the D+ section.