Horribly slow updating

I’m on a 8Mbit VDSL2 connection which for the most of time does 1 MB/s. Now it’s downloading CIS updates for like an hour and it still has 100MB to go after a clean CIS install. I feel like i’m back in the 56k era. And what’s even worse, if i cancel it where it is right now i’ll lose ALL the progress and it’ll just start downloading all over again. Can0t this thing be fixed already? It’s 2011 for christ sake, one would expect a progrem be able to continue where it lefts off. Now i can’t play online game because it’s downloading and i can’t cancel it because then i know it will take ages to repeat the whole thing again…

i met the same problem as u.and here is my post:

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and here is their reply to us:

Sorry to hear about that. I do agree the download should be supporting resuming.

However, I would have taken the chance of redownloading just to see if the low speed was a temporary glitch.

I don’t understand why definitions aren’t included, but instead downloads the entire thing after you’ve downloaded the installer. Wouldn’t it be better to include defs in a heavily compressed form so you don’t have to update as much later… If they update defs in the installer whenever they release new program version and it would be more than enough.

I’m using the Offline Updater in one location now. Despite the size (240MB) and slowness of updates they wanted to stick with Comodo ??? so now they all update from one local PC.

Including definitions in the installer or not has always been a debate. There is a group of people who are very much in favour of the one solution where another group is very much in favour of the other… :-\

Kind of a rock and a hard place position.

I’ve updated like an hour and a half ago, downloaded 15 definitions in a flash… it’s the applying of the updates that takes longer at my end, like 30-45 seconds.
Never had problems with the downloads from Comodo so far… even when I’ve downloaded the full 5.0 suite for clean install of the version as it was recommended, it downloaded the full 5.0 version in like a minute or less. I have 10MB pppoe broadband fiberlink connection.
It may be some technical issue on your provider’s side, a network node somewhere… who knows.

P.S my pc is 5-6 year-old, single core cpu, 1 gig of ram, ata 133 hard drive, win xp.

Nowadays Comodo servers are so slow. The initial update of 200MB on 4MBPS connection took more than an hour. I tried a lot of times but everytime it gave me a download speed of app. 30KBPS on 4MBPS connection. Same speed with IE & CD with Comodo DNS for CD only.

Why Comodo servers are so slow nowadays? Its so painful downloading the initial update. Both automatic & manual download so slow.


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if the situation continues,more and more people would have to give up cav.

I think the problem may be with Comodo servers in Asia. Naren is from India and sdfsadfdfs from China. sdfsadfdfs has already extensively reported about this and was in contact with one of the admins (bordersquirrel):

@Rejzor. Are the downloads still slow with you? Are there other European users who are having problems with download speeds while updating?

Everything is ok from Zagreb, Croatia…