Horrible File Copy Performance with Comodo Internet Securyty

I have serious performance loss with Comodo Internet Security.
while file copy.

I searched this issue and " Horrible network performance (3.0.19 x32) [FIXED] " is old and useless.

Internet Speed is normal, condition green, ok, no problem.

But file copy with hdd is terribly sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow about 1/10 times.

My Comodo Internet Security version is “3.5.57173.439” (up to date)
and serial# is “8CECEF4D881A422fB64DB6D22E929A7C”.

Anyone can help me?

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Hello amigafan sorry to here about your troubles. Are you running any other security applications that may interfer with comodo? Please check your defense+ and antivirus events.

Comodo → Defense+\Antivirus → events.
Is there anything listed there?
What kind of file are you trying to copy? or is the problem in general?

Also try disabling defense+ and\or the antivirus.

Please post back your results :slight_smile:

I was having the same problem. Speed between a RAID 0 array and a RAID 5 array was hovering around 7-8 MB/s for any kind of files, including large ISO files.

After disabling Defense+ speed went up to around 90-100 MB/s.

Thanks for the ideas, Kyle!