Hopsurf Wishlist V.1

Hi guys,

Here’s your chance to help improve Hopsurf the way you want. Please post all your wishes here!


Requested by ‘OmeletGuy’

"Guys I have multiple accounts on youtube and someother websites

Can you make a one click button to change bettween acconts on multiple accounts?"

Hey Guys,

I was also thinking of the same wishlist as omelet guy. :slight_smile: It would be nice to have a multiple account in some websites. Will this wish be possible? Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Why you have multiple accounts? I think one person should have one account. It is like a passport that you’ve in one instance.

Would it be possible to implement an auto-logon feature (?), ie. once you fire up your browser, you’re instantly logged in? Because so far it doesn’t work if you have the option to erase your cookies once you exit your browser turned on.